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SMT FUJI CP6 FEEDER used in smt machine
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Product name: SMT FUJI CP6 FEEDER used in smt machine

Item number: SMT FUJI CP6 FEEDER

SMT FUJI CP6 FEEDER used in smt machineSMT FUJI CP6 FEEDER used in smt machineSMT FUJI CP6 FEEDER used in smt machine
Product introduction
 Part number        Description
 KT08C 325898        FUJI NXT feeder 8MM generation I
 KT8BE 041970        FUJI NXT feeder 8MM generation II
 KT12A 002843        FUJI NXT feeder 12mm ?generation
 KT12C 032742        FUJI NXT feeder 12mm ?generation
 KT16A 043065        FUJI NXT feeder 16mm Ⅰgeneration
 KT16A 016483        FUJI NXT feeder 16mm ?generation
 KT16C 026893        FUJI NXT feeder 16mm ?generation
 KT24A 017067        FUJI NXT feeder 24mm
 KT32A 006371        FUJI NXT feeder 32mm
 KT44L 002519        FUJI NXT feeder 44mm
 Model            Description
 4MM             W04b / W04f
 8MM             W08 / W08b / W08c / W08f / W08n
 12MM             W12 / W12c
 16MM            W16 / W16c
 24MM            W24 / W24c
 32MM            W32 / W32c
 44MM            W44 / W44c
 56MM            W56 / W56c
 72MM            W72
 88MM            W88
Feeder performance will degrade without proper maintenance. Regular cleaning, lubrication,and calibration are essential. Feeder neglect will lead to:
 1. Mispicking of parts
 2. Misplacement of parts
 3. “Tombstoning” of parts
 4. Flipped parts
Issues related to improper nozzle/feeder maintenance or use of poor quality nozzles are often the same. Here are some of the most common problems:
 1. Poor pickup location on part. It will cause a loss of vacuum and result in parts shifting on the nozzle during transport.
 2. Short/worn nozzles result in poor pickup and can cause the part not to be imbedded into the paste. When the part is not placed into the paste correctly there is not enough surface tension to hold the part while the PCB is moving. Parts will shift.
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