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Splice Tape SMT Joint Tape
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Product name: Splice Tape SMT Joint Tape

Item number: Splice Tape SMT Joint Tape

Splice Tape SMT Joint TapeSplice Tape SMT Joint TapeSplice Tape SMT Joint Tape
Product introduction
There are four types provided for different usage:
1.    Single side joint tape
It is usually matched with pliers carrier and copper button. Skillful operators can use four-side splice tape instead of copper button to achieve low cost.
2.    Double side joint tape
The two sides of the joint tape is completely correspondent with the relief holes of stack belt to perfectly match the film on the stack belt.
3.    Double side joint tape 
It makes splice more rapid and efficient. The three-side joint tape is exclusively applicable to Panasonic machines and abolishes the convention that Panasonic machines cannot be continuously fed.
4. Special purpose joint tape

Available colors are deep yellow (S), deep blue (N), matte black with ESD function (M-ESD), brilliant black with ESD function (G-ESD), and transparent green with ESD function (L-ESD).
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