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Dust Removal Pad
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Product name: Dust Removal Pad

Item number: Dust Removal Pad

Dust Removal PadDust Removal PadDust Removal Pad
Product introduction
Dust removal pad is concerted with sticky roller to remove the dusts and particles stuck on the roller. The glue applied is an environmental without toxicity or smell. It is sprayed uniformly over the paper and will not unglue after intensive friction.
Optional paper materials are available, including imported paper, domestic paper, PVC film, and PP synthetic paper. The stock dimension is 240mm×330mm×50pc/pad.
As a professional dust removal pad manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produce ESD moisture barrier bag, PVC sole ESD shoes, ESD plastic box, among others.
With a wide exporting market covering many countries in southeast Asia, Europe and America, we have also established harmonious cooperation with many EMS plants, electrics companies and middlemen . In addition, our product is allowed to be customized and customers will get more details by means of contacting us freely. Now we are seeing for partners and agents all over the world.
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