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Disposable Shoe Cover
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Product name: Disposable Shoe Cover

Item number: Disposable Shoe Cover

Disposable Shoe CoverDisposable Shoe CoverDisposable Shoe Cover
Product introduction
Disposable shoe cover is a dust-proof equipment for guests who wear shoes. There are various types for choice including fabric, antistatic, antistatic fabric, non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric with conductive band, CPE, flannel, rainproof, antiskid, etc. Customization is available.
Among all types, antistatic shoe cover is the most commonly used. It has excellent antistatic and dustproof performance, with the antistatic index of 10e6 to 10e9 and the friction voltage below 100V. It can prevent the ESD sensitive components from damages caused by human electrostatic and dust from escaping from the shoes to contaminate purified areas such as dust-free workshops.
As a China-based disposable shoe cover manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides SMT PCB rack, antistatic cotton overcoat, soldering pen, and much more.
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