Automatic label dispenser
X-130 Automatic label dispenser with counter
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Product name: X-130 Automatic label dispenser with counter

Item number: X-130

X-130 Automatic label dispenser with counter
Product introduction
Automatic Label Dispenser X-130 electronic label stripper , 5-130mm width,250mm max.dia.
Item No.:X-130
Label width:5-130mm

Use Instruction:
Wrapped the Lable on the hanging board as the picture shows and fix with positioning plate. Insert the guide plate,then insert the label into between the label delivery board and the middle stick,shows U shape ,then adjust the guide board according to the label width. Please hange the label into the roll paper device,open the upper device and put the label into the 3 sticks of roll paper device. Close the Interlock lever,press the paper press plate button till hear the clocked alarming. Open the power switch which behind right direction. When the machine in stripping labels,please get the labels from the buttom up.
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