Automatic label dispenser
FTR-118C Automatic label dispenser with counter
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Product name: FTR-118C Automatic label dispenser with counter

Item number: FTR-118C

FTR-118C Automatic label dispenser with counter
Product introduction
Model No.:FTR-118C
Available length:5~150mm
Available width:5~120mm
Available core diameter: min.20mm
Available outer diameter: max.200mm
Feeding speed: 250cm/min
Outline dimension: 260(L)x290(W)X260(H)mm
Power supply:220V/50HZ
Power consumption:15W
The label dispenser keep the label neat and flat without damage or ruffle, environmental friendl Innovative compared to traditional working mode, reduce the influence caused by human factors.Electronic control, self-sensor operation, fast label dispensing Improve working efficiency, reduce the difficulty Easy operation,robust design After picking up, the next label will be fed automatically, small labels can be dispensed more one time Dispensing length adjustable, max. 150mm One machine can support several working stations one time Application industry: The fast separation paste of self-adhesive label, Bar code, security, laser, Hot stamping sticker, Encapsulation rademark, Insulation materials, Rubber toy sticker, Production date and printing design

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