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A8-2 Digital magnifying Measuring instrument
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Product name: A8-2 Digital magnifying Measuring instrument

Item number: A8-2

A8-2 Digital magnifying Measuring instrumentA8-2 Digital magnifying Measuring instrumentA8-2 Digital magnifying Measuring instrument
Product introduction
A8-2 Digital magnifying Measuring instrument
Range of use: apply to electronics, precision industry, agriculture, forestry archaeology, beauty, experiment, teaching, and the criminal investigation, jewelry. and other industries.
Product features: high definition, big magnification rate, compact size, light weight easy to carry, fast measurement, measurement result can be stored, edited and transferred
Technical parameters:
  1. Operating system: Windows7, XP, Vista, MAC, Linux 
  2. Magnification: 1-500 times free zoom
  3. Video: high compression software
  4. Focus: Auto focus/Manual focus
  5. Rate shows: Available
  6. Light source: Step-less adjusting LED lighting, USB power supply
  7. Photos: software taking pictures, drive-by-wire taking pictures
  8. Software measurement: radian, angle, length, width, height, the accuracy is 1 UM
  9. Software drawing: Radian line, line length, Angle line and mark
  10. Software inputs: Text inputs available 
  11. Product dimension: lens diameter:18.5 mm, total length: 103 mm, line length: 130 cm
  12. Pixel: 5 million pixels
  13. Resolution ratio: 2592*1944, 1280*960, 960*720,640*480, 320*240
  14. Image speed: 30 frames per second
  15. Connection port: USB2.0
  16. Operation mode: handheld and stents clamping
  17. Surface treatment: super-hard processing
  18. Shell material: qualified metal
1) 1-500X zoom free;
2) 500 pixels;
3) 1 UM measurement accuracy;
4) Imaging clear.
5) Surface treatment hardness-outer layer 40, inner layer-70, strong wear-resistance;
6) Unique structure design, single handle focus available;
7) With auto focus function.
8) Adjust the optical source and take pictures or video by wire control and software.
10) Product delicate, portable and stents removable, 
11) The adjustment knob has dustproof design, so as to keep instrument internal clean.
12) Package dimension: 282 mmX149mmX37mm
Strong Advantages
1) This product lens is imported;
2) Leather box is the genuine leather of high-grade quality;
3) Surface treatment is in the process in Japan on the basis of scientific research units by Taiwan amelioration;
4) The products have auto focus function, first innovation in China, as excellent as Japan desktop optical machine;
5) It can be used as camera, measurement accuracy is also very high.

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