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A8-1Textile measurement analyzer
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Product name: A8-1Textile measurement analyzer

Item number: A8-1

A8-1Textile measurement analyzerA8-1Textile measurement analyzerA8-1Textile measurement analyzer
Product introduction
A8-1 Textile measurement analyzer 
Application: measuring and micro-analyzing the density of all fabrics.
Features: High resolution, big magnification but small size, portable, easy to observe and fast measuring, measuring outcome can be saved, edited and transmitted.
  1. Measuring: software control
  2. Video: software control
  3. Pixels: 200M
  4. Resolution:1600*1200,1280*960, 960*720, 640*480, 320*240
  5. Frame speed: 30f/s
  6. Illumination: LED
  7. Minimum requirement on computer system:
  8. Windows 2000/XP /VISTA 
  9. Pentium 233MHz&nbsp up
  10. 600MB + hard-drive space
  11. 256MB SDRAM memory
  12. USB2.0

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