Automatic screw feeder
NSB series Automatic screw feeder
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Product name: NSB series Automatic screw feeder

Item number: NSB-SR23

NSB series Automatic screw feeder
Product introduction

  KNOKOO NSB SR-23 Automatic screw feeder with interchangeable rail for M2.3 screws


  1. Model No. NSB SR-23
  2. Brand:KNOKOO
  3. Applied screw: various types of screws including screw with washer (max. length=18mm)
  4. Applied screw: M2.3
  5. Feeding speed: 2pcs/sec input
  6. Product dimension:121(W)*155(D)*133(H)mm
  7. Voltage:110V-240V
  8. G.W 3.5kgs


  1. No need to change part, work 24 hours continuously
  2. No screw block phenomenon, quality reliable
  3. Special screw like 1:1 short screw or screw with washer can be applied with
  4. Rail change convenient, just need pull out the rail, freely fix another orbit rail, very easy
  5. No screw block phenomenon, the screw is rotated in the roller, the screw out of the rail will enter into another rotating circle
  6. Adjust the vibration to change the speed, the screw will not vibrate at the outlet, which will not effect the working efficiency
  7. Alarm function: feeding and vibrating is controlled separately, freely set the ideal delay time. It will alarm once abnormal phenomenon occurred
  8. Freely adjust the working speed,operation is so easy as other normal screw feeder.

     Changeable rail options:

Screw norminal size M1.0 M1.2 M1.4 M1.7 M2.0 M2.3 M2.6 M3.0
Applicable rail SR1.0 SR1.2 SR1.4 SR1.7 SR2.0 SR2.3 SR2.6

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