Automatic screw feeder
800 automatic screw feeder
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Product name: 800 automatic screw feeder

Item number: 800

800 automatic screw feeder
Product introduction
800 automatic screw feeder
Model: 800
External Size:123(w)*181(D)*145*(H)mm
Net weight:2.92Kg
DC power supply:AC220V,.DC12V500MA,AC  ADAPTER
The length of the screw:Less than or equal to20mm
Shape of Thread: M  Srew
Screw material:With iron Material.
Speed of picking up:1.5 second/pcs
Orbit (removed) adjustable, a machine can apply for a variety of specifications.
Screws rotating feeding with Precision can keep the screw from falling into the machine.
Filed point with no vibration so as to ensure the screw pick-up easy and stable
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