Automatic tape dispenser
AS1200 Automatic tape dispenser
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Product name: AS1200 Automatic tape dispenser

Item number: AS1200

AS1200 Automatic tape dispenser
Product introduction
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Cutting tape length: 5 to 999mm
Cutting tape width: 7 to 50mm
Tape diameter: 180mm (maximum)
Body material: ABS
Power: 100V AC, 50/220V, 60Hz
Weight: 3kg
Size (W x H x D): 137 x 245 x 150mm
Colors: white and black
LED display size data
Memory function
Automatically send tape and cutting
Induction infrared
Fits up to 2 rolls superposition cut at the same time
Tape reference types: textured amine belt, double-sided tape, acetate fabric tape, fiber amine tape and more
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