Automatic tape dispenser
Q-2000 Automatic tape dispenser
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Product name: Q-2000 Automatic tape dispenser

Item number: Q-2000

Q-2000 Automatic tape dispenser
Product introduction
1.         LED display size data
2.         Counting function
3.         Memory function enable set three different lengths
4.         Automatically send tape and cutting
5.         Induction infrared
6.         Tape reference types: Masking tape, double-sided tape, acetate fabric tape, fiber amine tape and more
1.         Cutting tape length: 5 to 999mm
2.         Cutting tape width: 7 to 50mm
3.         Tape diameter: 180mm (maximum)
4.         Body material: ABS
5.         Power: 100V AC, 50/220V, 60Hz
6.         Weight: 3kg
7.         Size (W x H x D): 137 x 245 x 150mm
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