Automatic tape dispenser
ZCUT-9 Automatic tape dispenser cutting machine
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Product name: ZCUT-9 Automatic tape dispenser cutting machine

Item number: ZCUT-9

ZCUT-9 Automatic tape dispenser cutting machine
Product introduction
ZCUT-9 electronic tape dispenser is the most universal tape dispenser available. With this tape dispenser you can cut tapes up to 60mm width or even two tapes at ones. 
  • Any size of tapes fit without bobbins. 
  • Cut length from 5mm to 999mm. 
  • Safety function and design. 
  • Memory function enable set 6 different length before use. 
  • Enable to cut Protection Film, Copper Foil, Aluminum Foil, Insulation material and more. 
  • Enable to hold the film or tape by using Flexible Tape Support. 
  • Preset and Loop counter functions. 
  • Compact body answers to Cell-System. 
  • Enable to use 2 rolls at the same time. 
  • Dual Photo Sensor. 
  • Build-in Tweezers, Oil, and Separator. Specification: 
  • Cut Length: 5 - 999 mm 
  • Tape Width: 6 - 60 mm 
  • Usable Tape: Filament, Strong, Acetate Cloth, Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Normex, Pre-stick, Cellophane, Craft, Masking, Plastic, and more. 
  • Usable Non Adhesive Material: Protection Film, Paper Tape, Insulation Film, Aluminum Foil, Copper Foil etc. 
  • Feeding Speed: 200 mm sec (when cut Craft Tape) 
  • Max Outside Diameter: 300 mm 
  • Body Material: Anti-Static ABS 
  • Power Requirements: AC220V 50/60Hz 25W 
  • Dimensions: 116 mm(W)x140 mm(H)x213 mm(D)  Weight: 2.5kg 
*Some of usable tapes may not cut depends on material/tape manufacturer. 
*The length of tape might be have an error depends on types of tape. 
*Specification are subject to change without prior notice.
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