Automatic tape dispenser
Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#HJ-3
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Product name: Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#HJ-3

Item number: HJ-3

Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#HJ-3
Product introduction
Model No.: HJ-3
Type: Automatic Carousel tape dispenser
Applicable tape width: 5mm-25mm
Tape Cutting Length : 9mm-61mm   
Voltage:110V AC, 60Hz/220V AC, 50Hz
Power: 40W
Color: Gray
Body material: Anti-static ABS
Weight: 2.2Kg/set
Dimension (W x D x H): 130x 260x 145mm
Package: 160x 290x 220mm, 2.3KGS
Carousel cutting way, applicable for a group of workers instantaneously
Suitable for very small pieces of masking tape for P.C.B.
With advantage of cutting narrow tape and soft tape.
Once you hit a button, it sticks the tapes halfway around as it cuts.
Bobbin free, can put any size of roll
Advantage: 1) can cut Kapton tapes without curling; 2) Clean and neat cut, Reduce waste.
Very easy to operate, Change the length of tape and spacing by side knob.
Simply change both upper and lower blades. They don't need to be adjusted.
Enable to cut many kinds of tape with one machine.
Unique feed system places tape on carousel for easy removal.
Available tape type: Cellophane tape, Paper tape, Cotton tape, pp tape, Acetate Cloth tape, Masking tape, double-side tape, Kapton tape
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