Automatic tape dispenser
Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#RT-3700
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Product name: Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#RT-3700

Item number: RT-3700

Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#RT-3700Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#RT-3700Automatic Carousel Tape Dispenser#RT-3700
Product introduction
Model No.: RT-3700
Type: Automatic Carousel tape dispenser
Applicable tape width: 3mm-25mm
Tape Cutting Length : 15mm-70mm
Max. Outside Dia. Of Roll: 150mm
Power requirement: AC 220V/50HZ, AC110V/60HZ
Power consumption: 25W
Color: Gray
Body material: ABS
Weight: 2.2Kg/set
Dimension (W x D x H): 126x 258x 150mm
Advantage: 1) Very suitable for cutting narrow and soft tape; 2) can cut very slim tape, min. 3mm
Carousel cutting way, applicable for a group of workers instantaneously, Easy to pick up
Cutting in the safety cover, very safe for the operator
Bobbin free, can put any size of roll
Better performance with RT-3700 from quick and precise tape cutting.
Set-up the tape cutting length & width with dial on the back tail, then, push the button in the middle
of carousel, RT-3700 will cut the tape and put on carousel to move up to the sensor position
When the tape is took off, RT-3700 starts to work again automatically to put the tape on the
carousel newly.
Can adjust the tape length & width with dial knob on the back tail.
Can adjust the sensor position to move the sensor following the carousel.
Can easily change the blade set.
Function for counting tape quantity. No waist of tape.
Small size, Excellent design, Friendly color to your work.
Available tape type: Filament, Kapton, Acetate, Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Plastic, Aluminum Foil,
Cellophane, Masking, polyethylene, Copper Foil Cotton, ,Cloth Mylar, Teflon, Paper, and more.
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