Lead-free soldering station
WSD81 Digital Induction Lead-free Soldering Station
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Product name: WSD81 Digital Induction Lead-free Soldering Station

Item number: WSD81

WSD81 Digital Induction Lead-free Soldering StationWSD81 Digital Induction Lead-free Soldering Station
Product introduction

WSD81 Digital  temperature-control Lead-free Soldering Station
Stents: WPH 80
Iron head: LTB
Voltage input: 220V
Power output: 95W
Wire length: 1.22M
Soldering iron: WSP80
Heating element: Silver winding-wire
Heat temperature range: 50degee centigrade-450degree centigrade
Level of static electricity protective: Level 1

1. Contain built-in chips and intelligent temperature control soldering stations.
2. End-to-end thermal mode, which greatly improved the capacity of thermal leading and speed of raising temperature again. Temperature will soon rise up to 350° C within 15 seconds.
3. Heating element was made of precious metal materials, for which greatly improved the ability of temperature compensation.
4. Iron head of patent design can solder as your wish, even if you want to solder electronic components.
5. Automatic cooling will prolong the life of heating element and iron head.
6. You also will freely select preheating board and electricity burger tweezers.
7. The function of self-calibration is helpful to correct temperature for one time within 3 or 6 months.
8. You will set many functions when operate programmer WCB2, such as automatic cooling, temperature lock, temperature compensation and temperature calibration etc.
9. The small size of the soldering station will help to space saving.
10. Prevent from static electricity will protect precision components.
11. It can be used in manual welding of all kinds, multi-layer Board welding and ceramic plate welding which requires a large number of heat in the process of welding, lead-free soldering etc.

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