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X1 intelligent soldering station
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Product name: X1 intelligent soldering station

Item number: X1

X1 intelligent soldering station
Product introduction

X1 intelligent soldering station


Product name:intelligent soldering station
Model No.: X1
Brand: SMTechnology
Power consumption:80W
Temperature control range:150~450°C
Temperature stable:±1°C
Output voltage:24V
Resistance between tips: Below 2Ω
The potential between tips: Below 2mV
Pacakge dimension:35*27*17.5CM


1.The comparation between soldering master X1 and WELLER WSD81
Soldering Master X1: Condition:Set temperature: 350°C nbsp;     solder wire dia.:1.0mm 

2.WELLER WSD81:the interval between soldering points: 3S      solder length:15mm

3.Soldering Master X1:The temperature largest drop to 340°C in two secs, the temperature will increase to 350°C
WELLER WSD81:The temperature largest drop to 330°C in two secs, the temperature will increase to 340°C

4.Adjusting the temperature automatically
You just need to put the soldering tips on the sensor of the temperature adjusting module for 30secs, the temperature will be very precise.

5.Sensor dormancy
The soldering station will enter into dormancy if the soldering handle is put in the iron holder, and will start working once the soldering handle is moved from it.4.After working continually for eight hours, the temperature of soldering handle is still 40°C

6.For SMTechnology X1,we are widely recruiting agents all over the wolrd.

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