Lead-free soldering station
2089 temperature controlled soldering station
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Product name: 2089 temperature controlled soldering station

Item number: 2089

2089 temperature controlled soldering station
Product introduction

2089 temperature controlled soldering station


2.Voltage:220V/50HZ  110/60HZ
4.Temperature range:200-450?br /> 5.Temperature tolerance:±2?offset voltage)
6.Tip grounding voltage: less than 2mv
7.Tip grounding resistance:less than 2Ω 


1.100W power heater, excellent thermal conductivity, and storage materials (silver alloy) can quickly heat and conduct to iron head. Temperature raises and falls quickly.
2.The large area contact between silver alloy and iron head can make the heater, temperature sensor and searing-iron head work together.
3.With temperature correction fuction, temperature is more accurate.
4.Setting lock function of temperature well avoid illegal operations.
5.Setting function of dormancy ensure the security even forgetting to turn off the power and save the el.ectricity.
6.Quick temperature raise and fall as well low temperature setting function provide a safe welding temperature for electronic components and PCB,also extend the life and reduce the production cost.
7.ESD Design with hard and soft grounding ways offer a more reliable protection for the electronic components.
8.Welding tip grounding voltage is less than 2 mV, grounding resistance is less than 2Ω.
9.Delicate handle more comfortable for use.
10.Provide you with two different voltage models:220V and 110V

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