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ZD-2100Automatic screw feeder and locking system
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Product name: ZD-2100Automatic screw feeder and locking system

Item number: ZD-2100

ZD-2100Automatic screw feeder and locking systemZD-2100Automatic screw feeder and locking systemZD-2100Automatic screw feeder and locking system
Product introduction
  • Model: ZD2100
  • Input voltage: AC220V
  • Working air pressure: 5.5(±0.5)kg/cm2

  • Working environment temp.:0-40degree centigrade 
  • Product dimension: 460mm*175mm*285mm(L*W*H)
  • N.W:13kgs
  • Speed: 60pcs/min
  • Hand held automatic screw feeder and locking system, in combination of screw conveyor and screw lock, need no hand to pick up the screw, which greatly improve the production efficiency and save manpower, you can pick up the screw as fast as you want.
  • The performance is very stable, no screw block phenomenon, even if the screw block, it is still very easy to shoot the trouble.
  • Once discharging the screw, the machine will automatically transport screw to the outlet, which needs no hand to take the screw.
  • As long as the screw is pointed directly at screw space, with a single click the screw will be locked, much more quickly.
  • The machine possess nice outline, the design is novel, small and portable, it can be put on the stage, without noise.
  • Mainly applied to the electronics, plastic, toys, electric appliances, communication equipment industry assembly.
Lock unit:
  • It is composed of pneumatic (or electric) screwdriver, adjustable stem, link rod, batch of bit, positioning clip tip etc.
  • The main function is to twist the screw in the clip tip to the workpiece in use of the rotation of the motor, it will automatically stop once reaching the set torsion, the torsion adjustable.
Function Description:
  • It is made of conveying mechanism, points with nail institutions, lock unit, air control system and electronic control systems.
  • Screw adopts automatic feeder, sort and automatic points and unloading, feeding.
  • The workpiece is assembled and positioned by the operator, then handheld telescopic pneumatic (or electric) screwdriver to align screw holes position, press the screw driver and start pneumatic(or electronic) motor, the screwdriver will rotate to fix the screw, once reaching the set torque, automatically stop.
  • When lifting the screwdriver, at the same time there is a screw to be automatically wafted to the localization clip mouth positioning.
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