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SR200A desktop soldering robot
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Product name: SR200A desktop soldering robot

Item number: SR200A

SR200A desktop soldering robot
Product introduction
Product  Name:SR200A desktop soldering robot
1.The range of XY axes movement:X=200mm Y=200mm 
2.The range of ZR axis shaft movement:    Z=50mmR=360° 
3.Movement Speed:  XY axes PTP:5-500mm/secs 
                                      Z axis PTP:2.5-250mm/secs 
                                      R axis PTP:6-600°/secs 
                                      XY Z axes PTP: 0.1-500/secs 
4.Memory capacity:100.000 point 
5.Minimum analysis:0.01mm 
6.Repeated accuracy:±0.02mm 
9.Air pressure::4~5kg/cm2 
10.The range of application soldering tin:0.4mm~1.6mm 
11.Soldering parameter:7group(PTP:4group,CP:3group) 
12.Temperature range:0-500 
13.The position that send solder: Adjustable & high precision screw control 
1.Iron head of cooling down quickly 
The temperature sensor of high accuracy is located in the front of iron, so the sensor can detect small temperature variety from iron head. 
The temperature can be up to 300 within six seconds. 
The iron head with cassette design can be changed quickly and use conveniently 
Complete series of irons and can quickly resolve high difficulty of soldering craft. 
2.Solder feeder with preventing rosin flux to explode function
The knife gear press a small hole from the side of soldering and let welding flux exudes while the tin is offered by rule and line, by leaps and bounds reduce the Tin explodethat the boil of welding flux lead to, thereby guarantee the cleanness of soldering place, and reduce the tin ball when soldering, because the tin balls influence other sensitive place of PCB 
3.Assistant function that send solder wire 
Passing through to adjust position of locating equipment to adjust the position that iron head offer soldering tin secondly, the tin that be offered firstly can let iron head touch tin in advance, and let soldering is more quick and more perfect 
4.Cassette iron group that directly puff netrogen 
Nitrogen nozzles and iron head are integrated, the pre-heated nitrogen can be pushed out from the tips of iron, the best soldering effect can be achieved even with small nitrogen, the equipment is widely used in lead-free soldering industry. 
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