Plato soldering tips
MS series soldering iron tip
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Product name: MS series soldering iron tip

Item number: MS

MS series soldering iron tipMS series soldering iron tipMS series soldering iron tip
Product introduction
  Plato soldering iron tip for WELLER WSD81 soldering station ,WSP80 iron pencil
  MS series :MS-3101,MS-3110,MS-3150,MS-3200,MS-3250,MS-3300,MS-3400,MS-3450   MS-3600 and so on

1. Long life circle, it can reach 13-15 cycles (Metal turn over), [cycle means the nickel content after every litre making all the nickel out and adding to the cylinder, a cycle can be deposited at least 900 dm2 •μm/hr coating];

2. The highest speed up to 20μm/hr, coating low porosity, 15μm no pore;
3. Plating state high hardness, Hv above 700, usually the heat treatment can be omitted but still have high wear resistance;
4. Strong solder ability, it has the best plating on the market at present;
5. very excellent anti-corrosion effect in alkaline medium; 
6. Strong competitiveness in deep plating and uniform plating;
7. Good combination quality and high hardness surface make low phosphorus plating excellent in wear resistance.
1. Applied to WSD81 soldering station
2. Lead-free environmental protection, accord with ROHS standards, have SGS lead-free report;
3. Fine workmanship, special shape forming machine to ensure accurate size, by special grinding, the appearance elegant and size uniform;
4. Under temperature 400°C ±20°C can reach 40000 solder joints;
5. Tin on and off fluent and uniform;
6. Single original new packaging.

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