Plato soldering tips
HS series soldering iron tip
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Product name: HS series soldering iron tip

Item number: HS

HS series soldering iron tipHS series soldering iron tipHS series soldering iron tip
Product introduction
  Plato soldering iron tip for HAKKO 900M/900M-ESD/907/907-ESD/933/936/937/942 soldering  station 907  908  913  iron pencil 
  HS  shape:HS-8175,HS-6092,HS-5875,HS-5716,HS-4988,HS-2751,HS-0927,HS-4787,HS-4785,HS-2796,HS-2753,HS-2752,HS-4786
1.Raw materials used in non-oxygenic copper production, fast heat conduction;
2.Make use of special machinery and production process, the tip size precise;
3.Tin leading fluent, life over 50000 solder joints, Knokoo quality, trust worthy;
4.Make use of the latest electroplating process, guarantee special corrosion resistant alloy layer thickness reaches 1 mm, soldering life over 30000-50000 points;
5.Product certification situation: this product conforms to the European Union, the various chemical element authentication can meet the requirements of environmental protection, has the SGS environmental authentication report;
6.Professional production in internal and external heat lead-free soldering tip, such as 30 W,40W,60W,80W,100W,150W,200series,900 series.

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