Tsutsumi Meiko OKI METCAL tip
Japan Tsutsumi TKH84-12EW30-2 robotic soldering tips
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Product name: Japan Tsutsumi TKH84-12EW30-2 robotic soldering tips

Item number: TKH84-12EW30-2

Japan Tsutsumi TKH84-12EW30-2 robotic soldering tips
Product introduction
Japan Tsutsumi robot soldering tips TKH84-12EW30-2, Tsutsumi automatic soldering equipment Soldering Iron

Unique soldering tips design:
1.The heater sensor deep into the most front end of the soldering tip, not only able to respond the accurate temperaterature rapidly, but also reduce the temperature drop during soldering, increase the use life of soldering iron
2.Heater power up to 70 ~ 100 watts
More heat compared to other soldering tips in the market, more effectively provide enough heat required by soldering point or area.

3.Clamp design to realize quick replacement of soldering tips, meanwhile avoid position deviation during tips replacement.
4.Unique temperature control design can reduce the overshoot, at the same time force the heating temperature function,guarantee the soldering performance by using of low temperature. 

5.Unique turning cylinder design makes iron set contact soldering points gently, so as to decrease the percentage of solder ball incurred.
6.Tsutsumi soldering tip features with excellent tip design as to to keep a stable temperature control
7.The durability is guaranteed by proper thicker plating, excellent soldering performance.
8.The temperature drop during the soldering becomes smaller,  the heat is hard to run off.
9.The tip's long life can save the production cost of consumables, popular with endusers.
Tsutsumi company was founded in 1948, is Japan's first automatic soldering robot development company. 
 development company.
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