Japan Unix robotic soldering iron tips
Japan Unix robot soldering tips
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Product name: Japan Unix robot soldering tips

Item number: P2D-R,P25D-R,P3D-R,P4D-R,P5D-R,P6D-R

Product introduction
JAPAN UNIX robot iron tips(CROSS BIT for 200W CROSS-HEATER)
Products features:
1.CROSS-BIT is high quality iron tip desinged for the use of automated soldering.
2.It is fit for use with CROSS-HEATER.
3.Stainless steel cross structure attached in position (female side) to meet the positioning projection on the inside of the heating element(CROSS-HEATER).
4.Black chromium-plated tips.
5.Solder "tinned area" of tips pated with lead-free solder.
6.Available in numerous standard tip shapes, including point soldering and linear soldering.
7.Tips available in three sizes, ranging from 100W to 300W, to meet specific heater capacities.
8.Custom tips tailored to the customer's specifications can be designed and built in multiples of 10.
*Special tip are built to order.
Products descriptions:
1.Type:Internal thermal
5.Applied to JAPAN UNIX Soldering robot
6.Material:High purity cooper
7.Safety rank:1
8.Temp.range:200-450 degree centigrade
9.CROSS HEATER/High power & high quality heater for Soldering Robot(CROSS HEATER FOR 200W )
10.Built-in detents positioning cross projection inside heaters(male side)
11.Heaters dedicated to automatic soldering with calculated tip thermal conductance,thermal capacities and thermal efficiencies.
12.Built-in thermocouple(CA sensor)
13.Available with three heater sizes,ranging from 100W to 300W.

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